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Gazelle is more than a mobile health app. It’s the power to manage the health of those who matter most — family. Through essential health information you can see, store, and share Gazelle delivers peace of mind right to your phone. Just look what it can do.

Get and Understand Your Lab Results

Skip the phone calls and waiting for the mail. Gazelle delivers your results right to your phone. Depending on the state where you live, Gazelle can access your results directly from the lab or your physicians who use the Quest Diagnostics system. Your lab report will include a brief explanation of the normal and abnormal values for each lab test to help you understand your results.

Manage Your Medical Information

Finally, you can stop searching for medical files or paper health documents. Just update Gazelle with details about medical conditions, food and medication allergies, immunizations and blood type. Gazelle keeps all your essential health information where you can always find it — on your phone.

Medication Tracking and Reminders

Managing your medications just got easier. Store your medication information right on your phone and setup reminders to help you take them when you should. It’s a quick and convenient way to help you get or stay healthy, even when you’re on the go.

Share Your Health Information

Now it’s easy to share health information with anyone you choose. Share all your health information or just your emergency contacts. Send it by fax or email. It’s up to you. Gazelle puts the power to control your health information right in your hands.

In Case of Emergency

Just save all your emergency information, commonly referred to as “ICE,” in Gazelle for instant access whenever it’s needed. Your ICE information includes your name and picture, primary and secondary emergency phone numbers, contacts for your primary care physician, and lists of any medical condition and allergies you have, and medications you take. For your privacy, Gazelle requires a password to access all other health information on your phone.

Schedule Quest Diagnostics Appointments

Now you can schedule lab work whenever and wherever you want. No need to call during office hours or search online for local patient center. Gazelle will find your closest Quest Diagnostics patient service center and schedule your preferred appointment time. Even better, your appointment date will appear on your phone’s calendar and remind you when it’s time to go.

Organize Your Healthcare Provider Information

Get instant access to all your healthcare resources on Gazelle. Physician names, specialties and contact information, hospital and pharmacy numbers, even insurance plan, group and policy numbers – just store it in Gazelle and it’s ready to see or share anywhere you take your phone.

Store Your Travel Information

Keep a handy log of your recent travel destinations and dates in Gazelle. This information may help doctors diagnosis certain health or medical conditions common in different parts of the world. With Gazelle on hand, you’ll always have the information you need to manage your health at home, abroad, anywhere you go.

Monitor Your Weight and Body Mass Wirelessly

Monitor your weight and body mass wirelessly with the Withings WiFi Body Scale– now available through Gazelle. It automatically tracks changes in your weight and can even upload your measures to Gazelle or the web. Turn it on through Gazelle or learn more at

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Gazelle is currently available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Tour, and Storm.